Yvette Guzman

"I am seeing SO much possibility with my business idea and so thankful for you in my life, you helped guide me from just another idea to taking action and making it a reality. I love you so much and am thankful we met and look forward to our future. I love being around your energy and learning from you!"

Jennifer Haessler

“It was the reassurance that someone was going to look after all of the backend steps required for my online programs to run smoothly. That is not my strength and not where my time is best spent, but definitely an important part of a successful online business.”

Katie Harlan

“I loved our consult at the beginning where you learned about me and my business. I felt like it didn't take long for you to really understand my business needs! After that consult, the Voxer sessions were very useful and provided me with frequent touchpoints with you throughout the month. The proposal was super detailed and allowed me to share your vision easily with my business partner (aka My hubby!).”

Rod Ezekiel

“Jenna Carelli Consulting and the team have the ability to assist entrepreneurs in clarifying their vision and build plans to market and execute a compelling strategy. The first 30 days are an exciting time to brainstorm, get clear on what you want to accomplish and Jenna and her team can provide the how.”

Jodi Silverman

“I cannot express how valuable this investment was. Having a social media plan, a guide and posts scheduled have been lifesaving!

I have been able to feel relaxed and focus on some other business ideas and programs knowing that my social media was all set.

Yes, you can use those two sentences above in any testimonial you want.”

Heather Andrews

“Support, accountability, encouragement, and the right strategy is exactly what I needed in my business. I increased my prices, automated my on-boarding process, and in less than 30 days signed 17 new people at $1,697 each, for a total sales profit of $28,849!”

Chelsey Hendriksen

“I started nurturing my audience correctly, in a way that didn’t feel “spammy” at all, and in just a couple of days I added 125 new people to my list.”

Emily Field MPH, RD, LD

“The Agency is exactly what it claims to be - taking work off my plate and letting me stick to what I do best!

It was great to have one point person that handled all my requests so I didn’t have to juggle email requests from the tech side of things or the design side of things.

My funnels are shaping up to be amazing and they are nothing I could have accomplished on my own.”

Heather Andrews

"I met Jenna about 6 months ago when I was in the midst of writing my book for publishing. I was impressed by her knowledge and attention to detail at that time. As the months passed, she would check in to see how my book sales were doing personally via facebook messenger.

When I needed implementation and automation support, I reached out to Jenna and spoke with Eva, her business manager.

The strategy that Jenna, Eva and I have created and begun to implement has made my life easier.

I have two businesses and am currently launching a new compilation book project. The automation that the team has implemented has made launching so much better.

They are very quick to respond and I have weekly check-ins with Jenna to ensure we are in sync and moving forward. I feel heard when I have ideas and most of all I have seen a return on my investment already.

Please contact me if I can answer any questions you have about how talented Jenna and The Agency is.”

Work With Jenna

This is the ultimate business accelerator package for those who are 100% ready to take the leap from “wishing and wanting” to “getting it done”.

If you’re an ambitious, driven and high vibe entrepreneur who finally wants to see some real income, impact and long-term RESULTS in your online business, this one is for YOU.

Whether you want to build a solid foundation for a thriving, profitable business or take what you already have to the next level FAST, The Hybrid Business Accelerator Package has you covered.

The business growth package is perfect for entrepreneurs who are ready to take their online business to the next level.

Whether you’re ready to expand your offer, create a new signature product, rebrand your business, launch a new course, run a new passive funnel or conquer a new target audience – you know that you need to make a change AND you’re not about to do it alone!

You have a hundred ideas swimming around in your head, pages upon pages of notes in your planner, a collection of google docs with inspired content, a Pinterest vision board ready but you can’t seem to pin down your focus, direction, and action plan? We’ve got you covered.

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