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Amelia travis

Amelia is a business coach for multi-passionate, creative, spiritual women entrepreneurs. Her coaching programs and business accelerator guide spirit led lady bosses through business strategy, mindset shift, and well-being practices to create holistic success. Business Coaching

She is also an advocate for female empowerment, and provides mentorship and soul-deep coaching to women ready to heal from guilt and shame, reclaim wholeness and redefine feminine leadership. Sacred Feminine Mentorship

Amelia has trained over eight hundred yoga instructors how to deepen their practice and teaching in yoga and breath work. She is a pioneer and innovator in bringing yoga to the water and is the world’s leading provider of SUP yoga certifications. Stoked Yogi SUP Yoga

Aligning with her ultimate mission of empowering women and showing them divine love, Amelia hosts transformative healing retreats and education programs globally, and is the producer of the first women’s conference for immersive, interactive healing and connection. Womxn Awake

Rebecca Hatch-Black

With nothing more than passion, a blowdryer, a pair of shears and a dream, I’m incredibly proud to have created a tribe of people and products that have helped tens of thousands households.

As a Stylist turned salon owner & Co-founder of Keep Me Safe Worldwide, and an audience in 46 states, I help people just like you transform your hair, life and even your salon business and back it up with meaningful action designed to create results.

From the cubicles of Corporate America, to the salon floors I’ve swept, the products I’ve created and have yet to create, the colleagues I’ve worked alongside, the clients I’ve helped achieve amazing hair, to founding a Direct Sales company that empowers those across the US to dream bigger, I’m proof that traditional roles were made to be broken….and you (and your clients) CAN have great hair in any stage of your journey!

I am here to serve those around me. My companies are built on a solid foundation of passion, possibility and a driving force to merge the personal care industry with the health and wellness industry.

If you are ready to gain traction in your salon business, attract the kind of clients you want, and have conversations that lead to appointments, then we should talk!

Jamie Van Cuyk

Stop feeling overwhelmed and unsure when it comes to hiring and managing the team you need to run your small business.

It’s time for you to learn how to make sound hiring decisions and effectively connect and communicate with your employees or contractors so you can create a lasting team that you trust and can depend on while you successfully run your business.

As your small business consultant, I’m going to help you avoid hiring mistakes and keep your team members at the top of their game so you can feel confident and adequately supported as you move your business forward.

Ready to have someone lead your recruiting process and deliver you the top candidates?

Let us perfect your hiring process and screen candidates while you spend your time and energy on your current business operations.

I can help make you confident throughout the hiring process and lead you to your perfect-fit employees and contractors.

Looking for help crafting or perfecting a hiring process that will lead to perfect-fit team members? With a done with you package, we will achieve this together.

Have an expert create the recruitment strategy plan that you will use to find the right candidates and make confident hiring choices.

Let’s work together to find, develop, and retain the people you need to feel confident and supported as you move your business forward.



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