The speakers were spectacular and everything we talked about was super relevant. I really enjoy attending events that empower women and help them to believe in themselves. Plus, I had the chance to meet other entrepreneurs.


We need to believe in each other. That’s what events like Raising Influence do for womxn – give us space to connect, reflect, and remind each other that we belong. A place to give ourselves permission to feel, heal, grow and thrive. Safe space to share what feels scary in life and business, the chance to speak the F up and use your voice (even if it shakes). We need to slow down, gather, and see each other.


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Are You ready

to level up with likeminded, passionate business owners!?

  • Connect with other women
  • Share similar experiences
  • Learn how others create a meaningful career for themselves while prioritizing self-care and family.
  • Learn all about business systems and automation, what systems will serve you at this moment in your growth process, and what systems may not be serving you well
  • Learn how to sell – the process and structure
  • Learn about growth AND have the opportunity to speak with experts in a 1:1 setting
  • Dedicated time to work, network, and connect. Our workshops and conferences thrive as a result of our focus and encouragement for work + life balance.
  • Implementation time!
  • Unforgettable experience, atmosphere and authenticity!

Jenna spent 4 years studying Psychology and Criminal Justice, including the behaviors of others in different settings, including spending a semester with inmates in their setting, a jail.

After 6 years in a Corporate Paralegal position dealing with Customer Service and regulatory issues, Jenna made the decision to capitalize on her leadership experience, her strengths and start a consulting practice of her own. For 3 years, Jenna’s Digital Marketing Agency studied the emotions, strategies and processes of their most successful and most unsuccessful clients.

Jenna has been the CEO and owner of J. Carelli Consulting, LLC since 2016 and founded The Raising Influence Community in 2018. Her prior 6 years of experience in the Corporate world as a Paralegal has enabled her to incorporate a legal and psychology background into the work that she does. She specializes in back-end marketing a.k.a what to do with a client and customer once they say “YES!” Jenna is an advocate of simplifying systems, client and customer journey in order to profit and impact more while doing less yourself.


Join us and learn our most successful concepts and strategies, which we outline and teach through our Raising Influence Brand Workshops and Conferences.

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We want you to hang

With Us!

There is definitely a difference between what we expect in our business, with boundaries, and with breakthroughs and reality.

Raising Influence Workshops and Conferences will take you through how to plan and manage your business while navigating through expectation versus reality

Those rose-colored glasses you’ve been wearing? Break ‘em.

That fantasy “laptop lifestyle” you’ve been wishing for? Let it go.

In order to achieve your business (and life) goals, you’ve got to get realistic and start living out the idea that boundaries are non-negotiable.

If you want to:

> Grow exponentially in your business

> Experience breakthroughs like you’ve never experienced before

> Draw the line in the sand for yourself and with others

> Work with high-ticket people who have clear boundaries and will respect yours

Then The Raising influence brand is one to align with!

listen to what others have had to say!

This weekend, I was loud. I took up space. I allowed my voice to be heard, my body to be seen and my soul to be felt. I was vulnerable. I was open. I was self-aware. And I was able to heal deep rooted triggers in the moment

This was an indescribable weekend. I met so many amazing women and learned so much about how to grow my business.


We spend 3 days filling each others cups. The advice shared, the support given & the fierce friendships developed. Whether we only just met or have known each other for years, these women spoke life into me and my dreams. As a women who would shy away from groups of ladies…I lean in now.


I am so grateful for the community of sisters I found at Raising Influence this weekend. My cup is so full. My heart is wide open. My love is overflowing. Thank you Jenna Carelli for creating this safe, sacred space for women to support one another and grow together. My soul is so ready to share my story, all of it…and to inspire other women the way these women inspire me.


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