One-Month Business Growth Package


The business growth package is perfect for entrepreneurs who are ready to take their online business to the next level.

Whether you’re ready to expand your offer, create a new signature product, rebrand your business, launch a new course, run a new passive funnel or conquer a new target audience – you know that you need to make a change AND you’re not about to do it alone!

You have a hundred ideas swimming around in your head, pages upon pages of notes in your planner, a collection of google docs with inspired content, a Pinterest vision board ready but you can’t seem to pin down your focus, direction, and action plan?

We’ve got you covered.

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The Business Growth Package Will Help You:

  • Assess where you are right now
  • Establish where you REALLY want to be
  • Understand how to get there with a detailed action plan
  • Implement the action plan so you make the transformation!

What You Get:

  • Business & Mindset Coaching: Business and mindset coaching through the entire process from assessment to transformation, so you stay on track, stay true to your purpose and don’t let mind blocks get in the way of your success.
  • Strategy Support: Intensive strategy support from concept to creation so you have a clear focus, direction and plan for your business transformation.
  • Project Management Support: Project management support so your action plan is mapped out in detail.
  • Agency Services: Digital marketing agency team services so the action plan gets done.
  • Ongoing Support: Ongoing coaching, strategy, and implementation services so you maintain momentum and receive the support you need, while you thrive in your zone of genius

What Does Our Working Together Look Like?

The Business Growth Package is a 3 Step Process, where YOU get to decide how much help and support you need to take your online empire to the next level.

Step 1: Coaching, Strategy, Action Plan

During the first 30 days, we assess your current business situation, establish where you want to be and map out a strategy + implementation plan on how to get you there.

At the end of this month, you’re left with all the know-how strategy and step by step plan you need to take that leap and make a change from point A to point B.

Step 2: Implementation, Project Management, and Ongoing Coaching Support

During this phase, our team of experts steps in and implements the strategy outlined in your action plan – from A-Z. You have your dedicated Project Manager who coordinates all the work so you don’t have to get into the details, we take care of those for you.

You also receive ongoing business and mindset coaching support while in the transformation process, so you keep your head in the game, eyes on the prize and focus on your zone of genius.

Depending on the project, this phase can last anywhere from 1 month upwards and duration, as well as cost, will be assessed on an individual basis.

Step 3: Ongoing Monthly Support

Growing and managing your business is no easy task, and no one should be doing it alone. It truly takes a village!

After we finalize your business growth transformation, we want you to keep the momentum going. Your business has upleveled, you are growing something fierce and you deserve the right support while you climb the ladder of success!

This is where we step in and provide high level, ongoing monthly support for you and your online business. We’ve gotten to know each other well now and we know the ins + outs of what’s cookin’ behind the scenes (and up front!), who better to keep this machine well oiled day in and out while you’re at the forefront, doing what you do best?

Ongoing monthly support includes a steady retainer package along with consistent strategy and coaching, so you not only pass on ALL the tasks that need to get done on the daily, you’re also fully supported to stay on top of your game, fully aligned with your purpose while you keep moving and growing! It doesn’t get any better than this!

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