Ideal Client Identifier Program


Here’s Your Step-by-Step, Guided Blueprint For Understanding What Your Future Clients Need And Want More Than Anything, So That You Can Use Your Zone of Genius To Give Them Exactly What They Want And Need Right Now!




You hear Jenna talk about market research tools like HARO, Amazon, and Quora. Now is the time that you put these tools to good use in your business!

Let’s Take a Look at Everything You’ll Receive When You Purchase Ideal Client Identifier.

Here is what you’ll accomplish during this program:

  • How to Establish a Strong Relationship With Your Ideal Clients So You Can Adjust, Create, And Produce Juicy Offers That They Can’t Wait to Get Their Hands On.
  • How to Bridge the Gap To Help Your Sales Page Go From Stale to Fresh and Glowing (you know, so it’s a shiny object and actually turns leads into buyers like it should be doing already).
  • How to Successfully Research and Investigate Where Your Clients Are Hanging Out, What They Say They Need and Want, and Understand Your Buyers Behavior so the client journey you send them on is strategic, super sexy, and not sales-y.
  • How to Use Your Clients Language So They Grow to Like You, Trust You, and Will Do Business With You Because You Get Them
  • BONUS: A Tutorial on How to Use Your Own Project Management System to better manage your business internally as well as your team members or downline.

Here is what is included:

  • 90-days of workbook material to help guide you through the process of data collection, examining your current funnel, offers, ways you are currently attracting leads, and your follow up system.
  • Guidance on how to create a content research report showing relevant groups you can go offer value in to reach more of your ideal clients, books your clients are searching for, searches and reviews Amazon, YouTube, questions your ideal clients ask with Answers The Public, google findings and relatable keywords that are searched.
  • Plus, guidance on how to create an ideal client profile that uses the above information to identify who you are serving including demographic, main pain points and things your clients need solutions for, what you should be posting on which platforms and why, relevant hashtags to use in your industry so that you get found online, and how to use this information to really provide even more value in your products and services using your ideal client language, needs, wants, and desires – instead of just putting things out there and seeing what works (trial and error never works fast). 

Here’s the bottom line:

On or before 90 days, you will have your ideal client identifier data collection COMPLETED and READY FOR YOUR DELIVERY and to profit from. Remember, this is not about giving you information! It’s all about implementation and getting you RESULTS Fast

Plus, It’s JUST $27.00!

Finally, it’s a no-brainer because you get access to all of this for just $27.00.

Enroll now and start seeing positive change. If you don’t agree it is everything we say it is and more, shoot us a quick email at and we’ll take care of you.

Frankly, I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that what you are going receive is pure gold. It works not just for me but for EVERYONE who uses it.

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