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Expectations vs reality + How to Plan and Manage


February 2nd and 3rd
tampa, Florida

Are You ready

to ride the entrepreneurial roller coaster with us!?

Here’s the thing: part of that entrepreneurial roller coaster we’re riding together on involves some pretty bumpy rides through breakthroughs, boundaries, and business.

But the best part?

Once you get over those hills and hurdles, your ride will be that much smoother. 

When I decided to take the leap from my corporate job a couple of years ago into the scary world of online business, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

What the heck were boundaries?

Where were the breakthroughs everyone was promising?

Was I even running a legit business that people would take seriously (besides my devoted husband – shout out to you, babe)?

I struggled. I can’t lie.

It wasn’t easy to step away from a world where literally everyone and everything had boundaries and very little breakthroughs were occurring.

And if I’m being honest with myself, I worked for someone else’s breakthroughs. It was my job to make their business run smoother and make them more money. YIKES.

So when I got into business on my own, I got a little… stuck.

Maybe you’re feeling the same way. Maybe you’ve reached a point in your business where literally every move you make and every thought you have turns into less-than-stellar results.

I feel you. 100%.

But I didn’t stay stuck. And you don’t have to either.

One of the biggest lessons I learned from my network marketing days was that in-person events were literally the biggest key to my success.

I can hear the eye rolls now – network marketing. #ew

Hear me out.

I enjoyed my time in network marketing, and I still have close friendships that I continue because of my time in network marketing. And one way we got so close was because we met in person regularly.

I can promise you one thing – you will not experience breakthroughs or set clear boundaries until you are able to step outside of your comfort zone and experience the world of business away from your couch in front of your TV. #nojudgement

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You’re tired of waiting to move onto the next level of business but nothing happens.
You set boundaries for yourself and your clients but never follow through with them.

Your income level hasn’t changed in months (maybe years) and you’re exhausted.

You’re ready to work with higher ticket people who have experience being badasses in their biz.

Your mindset has been stuck for far far far too long, which results in little to no results

Be honest with me – does that sound all too familiar?

I thought so.

Listen, we’ve all been there a time or two (or twenty). And it’s okay if you’re there, but it’s not okay to stay there.

I’ve experienced some serious burnout – lack of motivation, no clear direction, boundary-less relationships, and non-existent breakthroughs.

But once I figured out that all three of these things – business, breakthroughs, and boundaries – were connected, I experienced breakthroughs like you would never imagine.

Every single ah-ha moment, every uplevel, every breakthrough, every step towards the life I had envisioned for myself came from one thing – setting clear boundaries!

I see you over there, exhausted and tired of going round and round the downward spiral drain, waiting for the magical moment when your breakthrough finally happens!

And now… it can.

The #1 Business Event of 2019 is coming to Tampa, Florida

February 2, 2019 + February 3, 2019

Join Jenna and some of our closest biz besties at Business, Breakthroughs, Boundaries – The LIVE Event where you will tackle every aspect of




You Don’t Want To

Miss This

There is definitely a difference between what we expect in our business, with boundaries, and with breakthroughs and reality.

Business, Breakthroughs, Boundaries – The LIVE Event will take you through how to plan and manage your business while navigating through expectation versus reality

Those rose-colored glasses you’ve been wearing? Break ‘em.

That fantasy “laptop lifestyle” you’ve been wishing for? Let it go.

In order to achieve your business (and life) goals, you’ve got to get realistic and start living out the idea that boundaries are non-negotiable.

If you want to:

> Grow exponentially in your business

> Experience breakthroughs like you’ve never experienced before

> Draw the line in the sand for yourself and with others

> Work with high-ticket people who have clear boundaries and will respect yours

Then Business, Breakthroughs, Boundaries – The LIVE Event is exactly where you need to be!

This LIVE event in Tampa, Florida on February 2, 2019 and February 3, 2019 will teach you:

The dynamics of a business breakthrough

How to achieve business breakthroughs when you need them the most

How to adjust your mindset to focus on what you need to focus on to see real results

Create and stick with boundaries for yourself and your business

Create and stick with boundaries that prevent self-sabotage

How to openly and willingly listen to other’s experiences to grow and foster real life/business change


Learn From the Best in the Biz
Kim Martinez of True North Counseling Services providing tips on marketing at events when you have a booth

Kim Martinez of True North Counseling Services providing tips on marketing at events when you have a booth

Released Soon!

Released Soon!

Jenni-Lyn Williams of Snarky Tea, as seen on Shark Tank November 2017 sharing tips and systems she learned from working with Mr. Kevin O'Leary.

Jenni-Lyn Williams of Snarky Tea, as seen on Shark Tank November 2017 sharing tips and systems she learned from working with Mr. Kevin O'Leary.

Released Soon!

Released Soon!

Heather Andrews, 5x Best Selling Author, Publisher, Lifestyle Strategist, Visionary

Heather Andrews, 5x Best Selling Author, Publisher, Lifestyle Strategist, Visionary

Released Soon!

Released Soon!

How to create Marketing Materials for MLM/DS representatives for profit boosting passive income!

How to create Marketing Materials for MLM/DS representatives for profit boosting passive income!

Released Soon!

Released Soon!



Join Jenna for an action packed 2 days!

Let’s do this

Sample Agenda Below

Saturday, Feb. 2


– 8:30 AM General Registration

– 9:00 AM Training on systems and automation and what that looks like at different stages of entrepreneurship & growth.

– 10:00 AM The path to achieving your goals and your best payday yet.

– 11:00 AM Identifying frustrations, tolerations and fascinations in business and learning how to transition to a business where we are all working solely within our fascinations.

– 12:00PM Lunch Break

– 1:00PM TBA

– 6:00PM Social Event

Sunday, Feb. 3


– 8:30 AM VIP Registration

– 9:00 AM How Storytelling helps with your own breakthroughs and authenticity

– 10:00 AM Implementation and 1:1 sessions with Jenna

– 12:00 PM Lunch buffet & breakout session

– 1:00PM Implementation and 1:1 sessions with Jenna

– 6:00PM Special evening suprise event

What Are You

Waiting For?















What Makes Business, Breakthroughs, Boundaries – The Live Event

the #1 business event in 2019?

Strategies that Actually Work for Your Business

Experience a level of expertise that will show you exactly how to use proven strategies for creating solid boundaries so that you can fully experience mind-blowing breakthroughs in your business

In-Person Networking and Problem Solving

The online space is an amazing way to run a business – the freedom, the connections, the world-wide relationships. But what it really comes down to when looking to create a business that experiences monumental breakthroughs is in-person connection. Physically being in the presence of people you see online every single day (or don’t see at all maybe) will put you at such a high vibe that you will leave FIRED up and ready to take action. Trust me.

Rock Solid Speakers with Out-of-This-World Expertise

Take the advice and strategy tips from people who actually know what they’re talking about! You can be assured that you will experience top-notch expertise from our speaker line up that will take your business from 0 to 100 in just XX days!

Second-To-None Trainings and Activities On-Site

Forget working through a workbook in your hotel room or on your couch alone. Get hands-on experience in real-time with experts in the field practicing what they preach. If you find yourself stuck on an activity or exercise, the ability to reach out for one-on-one support is invaluable!

So how can you get your hands on a ticket to the

#1 business event of 2019?

Business, Breakthroughs, and Boundaries – The LIVE Event only happens once a year.


Are you willing to take the gamble on your business + life by letting an opportunity for massive growth and exponential breakthroughs pass you by? Grab your ticket now before they sell out.















And let’s be really clear right now. You’ve read this much… you and I both know what you’re thinking!

Yes, it’s 100% worth it.

Yes, you can find a dog/cat sitter for the weekend!

Meet Your

Keynote Speaker

Here’s What’s Going Down

Jenna transitioned out of her corporate paralegal job and went full-time in her business in July 2016 (officially on the day of her daugthers birthday, July 14, 2016)! Jenna started in the wellness industry, then transitioned to business consulting, built an agency on the premise of essentially having them to implement the strategies that her clients were taught to leave no room for error in the business building process (foundations focused). Her speciality has always been organization and automating the back-end of her business (onboarding, workflows, all systems for training, scheduling, payment processing and follow up, as well as automating the front-end marketing so that she only had to work in her business when a client finished her funnel and purchased a product or service that required her hands-on attention). That is what Jenna focuses on with her clients. Recruiting, training, and retaining. Jenna had to build her business around working just 4 hours per week, and she is ready to teach you how to do it too!

Frequently Asked


+ Will I be responsible for my own lodging?

“Yes. Please make arrangements for your stay, if necessary. The Barrymore Hotel Tampa Riverwalk, Le Meridien Tampa, and Courtyard by Marriott Tampa Downtown are all great places to stay. We recommend bunking up with an old friend or meeting someone new. Feel free to post within our Facebook Community (click here) if you are looking for a roommate.”

+ Are meals included in this event? If yes, which ones?

“There will be a self-serve station available for bottled water and assorted carbinated drinks for those who love the fizz. $20 Market vouchers will be available for general admission tickets. VIP ticket holders will receive a free buffet lunch both days as well as a surprise eventing event on February 2nd. The event is held at a very popular local market place with ample amount of food + drink options.”

+ I can’t make it the first day. Is it okay if I can only come for the SECOND DAY?

“The second day is for VIP ticket holders only. Grab your VIP ticket and we’ll see you there! You are coming for implementation and will get a lot done with the help of your peers and Jenna’s 1:1 attention.”

+ If I can’t make it for the whole event, will my ticket be discounted?

“All ticket purchases are final. You have the option of purchasing single day or double day tickets at checkout.”

+ I have food allergies. Can this be accommodated for me?

“If you have purchased a ticket for this event and have food allergies, please email and we will make sure to accomodate your needs.”

+ I’m terrified of going to an event where I don’t know anyone. Is there a way for us to get introduced to attendees before we go?

“Join our Facebook Community by clicking here, introduce yourself. We are excited to meet you and will make sure that every single person in attendance feels loved, welcomed, and has a blast!”

+ Is there an option to room with someone? If yes, how do I find other interested parties?

“Post within our Facebook Community here! There are others looking for roommates who would be happy to bunk up with you.”

+ Can I get a refund on my ticket if I purchase and end up not being able to attend?

“Tickets are non refundable If last minute, something comes up, you are able to transfer your ticket for a $25 fee.”

+ Are we allowed to go in and out of the meeting room during the event?

“Absolutely! We have a space that is large enough for you to move around, including indoor and outdoor lounge areas.”

+ I have physical handicaps that require the use of an elevator to reach floors above ground level. Will this be available?

“There is an elevator that is available for everyone to use. You may ride at your own pleasure!”

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