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The LAUNCH IT Template is perfect for entrepreneurs who are ready to launch their next big idea via email marketing and Facebook + re-purpose across different social media platforms.

Whether you’re ready to expand your offer, create a new signature product, rebrand your business, launch a new course, run a new passive funnel or conquer a new target audience – you know that you need to make a change AND you’re not about to do it alone!

You have a hundred ideas swimming around in your head, pages upon pages of notes in your planner, a collection of google docs with inspired content, a Pinterest vision board ready but you can’t seem to pin down your focus, direction, and action plan?

We’ve got you covered.

The Launch It

Template Will Help You:

  • Decide on a start date and schedule it.
  • Deliver your offer in a format that appeals to your audience.
  • Create and organize your content before your launch start date so that you aren’t scrambling at the last minute.
  • Execute with a proven 5-day pre-launch and 20-day launch structure.
  • RAWR implementation or accurately reflect on your launch, analyze your statistics, re-write for enhancement and improvement, and re-launch.


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