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Launch It! Mini Series
This would be a great fit for you've never completed an official launch of your product or service from start to finish or if you haven't launched anything in a long time and need proven methods to get you back up and running.

We need to know whether your current audience is loyal or not - do you currently have a buying market/audience? If not, you need to go find those buyers and start networking.

Some of you may have a very loyal audience who are also buyers, but you might not know it. You need to launch to find out.

The success of your very first launch might look different than someone else's, but you need a benchmark in order to improve with each subsequent launch.

I have had clients make $5k, $20k, and even $30k on their first launch.

I have also had clients make $0 on their first launch.

The trend is that those who make the big $$$ had loyal, engaged audiences to begin with. Those who made $0 learned a lot about their current market and knew exactly what they needed to do to move forward from their failed launch and make every subsequent launch more successful.
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