Stop Piecing Your Puzzle Together with Shotty Pieces

Jenna Carelli
Jenna loves to help her clients use their current resources and existing network to grow their business. Creating an online automation system that requires zero manual upkeep will save hours in your day that you can devote to your family!


Let me be honest with you about live events. Some of you might think I’m being a little crazy talking about this because HELLO, I host live events that I definitely want you to come to. BUT, there is a lesson to be learned from live events.

There are two sides of the live event spectrum that so many of us don’t realize:

  1. going to events to come alive, connect with people, and transform your life, or
  2. attending every single live event you can and getting the highlight reels of people’s businesses and lives while experiencing serious shiny object syndrome.

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but the side of the spectrum where you’re going to so many live events that you are constantly traveling, gathering freebies and flyers, and hearing how Jackie achieved 30k months within just 2 months of opening her business.

Why? Because you’re only getting a small sliver of the actual story from Jackie. She may have actually hit 30k months after 2 months of opening her business, but what if this was her 20th business she’s opened? What if it took her 5 years to find a business that worked? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but as an audience member of your 10th live event in 2 months, you may feel inferior because you’re not achieving 30k months yet and you’ve been going for 1 year.

There are people who travel the live event circuit and attend event after event, month after month, where they are either speakers or audience members.

And the truth is, they’re self-sabotaging themselves on a regular basis.


That’s right. I said it. They’re self-sabotaging themselves by going to all of these live events and hearing everyone else speak about their quick tips to success, how to get super visible online, and how to set up a sales funnel. But the truth of the matter is that these people are only telling you a snippet of the real story.

They’re definitely not leaving things out to be malicious, but they do have a purpose behind the omissions. They want you to hear the good things and not the struggles. They want to tell you how successful they are right in that very moment, but they don’t want you to know they struggled for 2 years to get a business off the ground or find support in their lives.

Live events are not the key to success. They are not going to solve all of your problems, connect you with all the right people, or show you the way to become a millionaire overnight.

For those entrepreneurs out there in the business world who think that attending every single little live event they can is the answer they’ve been searching for and are sure that the support they need will come from the connections they make at the events, that is not the answer.

Live events cannot be your stand-in for a real life mentor or business coach.

Live events cannot be your go-to place for all the “latest things.”

Live events cannot be the place in which you measure yourself up to the others who are in attendance.

Live events (the right ones for your business) can be beneficial when attended deliberately and appropriately! I have been to a few in the last year and have totally found my stride in the live event world. I know which ones I’m searching for and which ones won’t work for where I’m at right now in business. And guess what? Being selective is actually getting me further in business. But live events do not replace customized support for ME. Nothing takes the place of a coach or mastermind when it comes to know what I need for my business right then.

The minute you lose sight on the fact that you need actual support (because you’re not truly overly supported just because you attend 1532 events in one month) is the minute you lose sight of your actual goals and dreams for your business.

Stop letting those events serve as your recipe for success and your place for support. If you avoid paying for help or asking for help because you’ve been to “that” event or just spent too much on a plane ticket to California for a live event, your priorities are screwed up!

And while we’re on the subject of priorities, let’s chat about what it actually means to take the advice you’re given at said live events.

On one hand, you hear a speaker who swears by Facebook ads and wouldn’t run their business any other way. They make tons of sales from their ads and promise you that their strategy works! So you rush home and buy a bunch of Facebook ads (even though you’ve never even touched a Facebook ad in your entire life).

Now, you’re spending boocoos of money on Facebook ads when you really don’t even need to be worrying about them at this point in your business. The only reason you’re doing them is because someone at that event told you it was a “good idea”. #self-sabotaging

What you might not know about the person who gave you the “good” advice (and probably so very well-intentioned, honestly) is that they might not have their shit together AT ALL. Visibility does not equal shit together. Before you dive head first into the advice or strategy someone from that live event shares with you, take stock of your own business and determine if it is actually what you need or not. Chances are it’s not where you are in your business, and that means it’s not for you. Yet.

It’s time to stop downloading all the freebies (aka attending all the events) and start showing up for your business the right way that you need to. Chasing shiny objects and never following through with anything will always sabotage even the best intentions.

Here’s what some live events are missing: the customizable approach.

Big events (and even smaller ones sometimes) tend to get crowded and overwhelmed with the production of it all – the speakers, the cocktail parties, the dance offs – and forget what they’re truly there for: business building.

You cannot take the cookie cutter approach that so many live events offer because it is very likely not what your business needs. It’s happening way too often in the entrepreneurial world where some people are letting the bigger names “talk them into” something from the stage and never actually see results like they wanted to see.

I can promise you one thing: those “big names” you see out there preaching strategies and plans that will help you do this and that in your business don’t have it all together, either. It doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re talking about, but it also doesn’t mean they know it all, either.

Running from live event to live event only to get more distracted from your true focus will leave your business in a standstill.

The problem with taking the strategies from live event speakers is that they don’t know what YOUR business needs are. Everyone is at different points in their business, which means everyone needs their own customizable approach.

Piecing the puzzle pieces together after a live event and figuring out which will work for you and which won’t will waste your time and money. Period.

Those puzzle pieces are not where you should put all your eggs into one basket. The pieces you get from live events should be the starting point but not the end-all-be-all of your business strategy.

Stop pulling from different sources, different approaches, different philosophies, and different all the things to make your business work. It won’t work if you take this route, I promise you.

What does work is good strategy specific to YOUR business. When you have someone with their eyes and heart and mind on your business only, they can see the bigger picture of where you are and where you want to be. They take the deep dive into your business and analyze every little detail for you.

Then, you’re cooking with one strategy, one philosophy, and one vision that will help you align your business with what it is you actually want. The synergy you’ll create out of that type of experience will never be found at any of the 20 live events you attend in a 6 month time period.

It’s important to know that “trying it all” and nothing sticking is a reflection on the things you’re doing, not your ability to get it done. A freebie or a live event may not help you make $10,000 a month, but a higher end package from that same business owner just might. But that is where they need to know what you need first before they pour it all out on the table for you.

It’s time to stop letting the live events and freebies/low end strategies keep you stuck in a perpetual place of doing and not seeing anything. Take action. Get deep and personal with your business and let someone else do the same. You owe it yourself to open up your eyes and get really familiar with what is you actually need so that you can get the help you really deserve.

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The minute you lose sight on the fact that you need actual support (because you’re not truly overly supported just because you attend 1532 events in one month) is the minute you lose sight of your actual goals and dreams for your business.

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