Nice to “meet” you! I am Jenna Carelli and I specialize in back-end marketing a.k.a what to do with a client and customer once they say “YES!” Simplicity isn’t just for business-owners, but our clients and customers crave it too. Simplifying your systems, client and customer journey, and their experience will help you profit and impact more while doing less yourself. This can be done without a virtual assistant and without spending a lot of money on software and tools. I’d love to show you how!

    Email Automation & Segmentation, On-boarding & Relationship-building is my love language!

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    Done With You Services:


      Join my intimate, hands on, membership community that follows a very specific framework to set-up and simplify your email automation + segmentation, on-boarding and relationship-building. Cut the hustle and start growing and scaling more strategically and efficiently.

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