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Sometimes our heart and multi-passion causes us to lose focus, lose clarity, lose our identity. We find ourselves repeating tasks over-and-over to the point of exhaustion. We care deeply about building relationships with our audience and strive for those “virtual couch conversations,” but we need help streamlining our processes, creating magnetic messaging and partnerships with people who have clear boundaries and will also respect ours.

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My first business was built hosting offline seminars and taking real live in-person human beings through a program cycle, to which I then brought online and scaled to allow me to start my second business providing implementation services to multi-passionate business owners and the network marketing/direct sales industry. Any exclusive coaching I’ve ever done ended in zero to very little action on the client’s part. It’s been the implementation services and hands-on experiences that have propelled my clients to great success! That is what makes me different from the average Jane coach…

With my coaching you get the element of a DIY course (templates, scripts, training videos on-hand) with a direct line to assistance by way of mentorship, a virtual team (aka social media manager on-hand and tech assistant) PLUS the ever so valuable community atmosphere that allows you to feel worthy, confident and included.

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About Jenna

Jenna is a wellness professional, business consultant, international best selling author, and speaker. Jenna spent 4 years studying Psychology and Criminal Justice and studying the behaviors of others in different settings, including spending a semester with inmates in their setting, a jail.

After 6 years in a Corporate Paralegal position, Jenna made the decision to capitalize on her strengths and start a consulting practice of her own. For 3 years, Jenna and her Agency studied the emotions, strategies and processes of their most successful and most unsuccessful clients. The Growth Method™️ is a culmination of the most successful systems and processes developed throughout this 3-year span. As of 2018, we’ve outlined and executed over 50 online launches across industries and have worked with over 100 students. We have published our best work and findings inside The Growth Method™️ personal consulting and course material.

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