I went from working 50+ hours per week to just 20 hours per week and more than doubled my profits in 9 months, and now I help others do the same!

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We have developed a strategy that helps you get off the entrepreneurial roller coaster. 

Instead of getting support while the ebbs and flows are happening, we focus on not making it happen. We remedy it instead to make sure it’s 90% gone.

You are going to have bad days in your business – it’s not avoidable. But we help you understand that this constant roller coaster is not how it HAS to be. 

This is a new level of doing business. This is based on years of experience – not just mine, but my team (of 13) and their experience with clients, businesses, and life.


We’ve taken a look at how people’s lives look like when they are entrepreneurs:

– what’s missing

–  what’s happening

– what behaviors come up

– what fears come up

– what mindset stuff comes up

Rarely do people who just do coaching or strategy on their own have the capacity to test the waters on so many people. We’ve worked with A LOT of clients over the last year alone. We’ve had a good amount of people that we’ve observed, interacted with and worked with where we can pull conclusions out of what has happened.

And because there are so many people on our team, we have the capacity to take on these clients and there is a big pool of people that we have literally looked at, observed, worked with, interacted with and they enabled us to pull conclusions which make us believe that IMPLEMENTATION is not the holy grail, the end all be all solution.

We thought that: Coaching + Strategy + Implementation = SUCCESS


It still didn’t meet the criteria. Some clients succeeded and some didn’t. We wanted to figure out WHY some clients didn’t succeed.

When we dug deeper, we realized that it’s because there is so much mindset stuff, and fear, and lack of confidence, and questioning your self-worth and self-doubt.


It comes down to stop biting your nails and sitting on your hands, choked up wondering what do do. “I can’t, but I want to, but I’m scared, but I wish…” and you keep yourself stuck.

We have discovered the next step.

The next piece of the success puzzle.

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mindset over the middle row

This book is filled with vulnerable, raw, courageous stories from 19 empowered female business owners. Each story is punctuated with brilliant tips and inspiring lessons learned. These women persevered in the midst of extreme challenges to reach a place of peace in their work and family lives.

And you can too! No matter what your passion, with a shift in mindset you can have it all.

Client Love

“Of all the huge amounts of money I have spent over the past 2 years, the very small amount that I spent with you was probably worth more than anything. I just wanted you to know that.” Kelli Verbosh

“My business earned $30k in revenue within the first few months of working with Jenna and her team. Jenna and her team have been instrumental in automating my business and launching my passive coaching course so that I didn’t have to do everything myself. I am a busy mom and I have 9 streams of income coming in. This year I will be increasing my income by 10x. WIth what Jenna and her team are helping me establish, it has become possible!” Heather Andrews

“I cannot express how valuable this investment was. Having a social media plan, a guide and posts scheduled has been lifesaving! I have been able to feel relaxed and focus on some other business ideas and programs knowing that my social media was all set.” Jodi Silverman

About Jenna

Jenna kicked off her entrepreneurial journey by conducting educational seminars through partnerships with small wellness businesses, community groups, and corporate wellness programs. She then replicated her successful offline efforts in the online space in order to reach a larger audience and make a greater impact. Her experience includes hosting live workshops, consulting, marketing and task management.

Jenna is a graduate of Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA. Her prior experience in the corporate world as a paralegal has enabled her to incorporate a legal and psychology background into the work that she does. She is very big on market research and doing detective work to better reach your target audience on an emotional level.

Jenna loves to help her clients use their current resources and existing network to grow their business. Creating an online automation system that requires zero manual upkeep will save hours in your day that you can devote to your family!

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