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Jenna is a Corporate Paralegal turned Business Consultant, Master Relationship-Builder, Sales Attraction Strategist and the Founder of The Build, Grow, Scale Membership Academy.

about jenna

Strategist, Consultant, Entrepreneur

Jenna helps Women Business Owners build, grow, and when ready (and only when ready) scale online with social media optimization, simple lead generation, and email marketing. CURRENT FOCUS: Financial Stability for all and helping you adapt to our current market (which has changed)!

Jenna spent 6 years as a Corporate Paralegal before scaling a Wellness Business to 6-figures in under 1 year, which brought her home from her Corporate Job just in time to be a new Mommy in July 2016 to her first daughter. From there, she scaled a digital marketing agency and consulting practice to 6-figures in less than a year using the same smart business methods (which have always included email marketing). She now helps other Women in Business do the same!

Systems and automation is her expertise, but helping others get more clients through a rock solid lead generation process is her passion

What Our Members Are Saying

Support, accountability, encouragement, and the right strategy is exactly what I needed in my business. I increased my prices, automated my on-boarding process, and in less than 30 days signed 17 new people at $1,697 each, for a total sales profit of $28,849!

Heather Andrews - Publisher

I cannot express how valuable this investment was. Having a social media plan, a guide and posts scheduled have been lifesaving! I have been able to feel relaxed and focus on some other business ideas and programs. 

Jodi Silverman - Life Coach

Jenna Carelli Consulting and team have the ability to assist entrepreneurs in clarifying their vision and build plans to market and execute a compelling strategy. Jenna and her team can provide the how to brainstorming, and getting clear on what you want to accomplish.

Rod Ezekiel - Wellness Sales Director

I used Jenna’s system when I did health and fitness and I used it again when I started my personal finance business. That speaks volumes about how she creates and streamlines the process for you, that I can use it in one unrelated industry and then translate it right into another.

Emily Bowie - Personal Finance & Lifestyle Strategist

I’m about to cry happy tears over here. I’m in the 7-day sequence part of the launch and I just had my first sale! This is the first thing I have ever successfully sold through my email list. The confidence it is giving me is AMAZING!! THANK YOU!

Anonymous - Business Owner

It has completely changed who I am as a person and the way I do business to finally have Jenna as my coach. She helped me niche down and focus on what my passions were in life. It’s been an amazing feeling to finally have a clear message and voice. I’ve gotten a lot of media interviews and requests to speak!

Janeris Marte - Adoption Photographer

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