Jenna is a Wife, Mom, and your open/honest/relatable business consultant who stresses the importance of bringing *sexy* back to business systems and automation. Jenna’s focus is on relationship-building with your cold, warm, and hot audience as well as client and customer relationships. Jenna encourages you to focus on life, business organization, and automation so that you are proactive instead of reactive. In a nutshell, Jenna’s clients work and do less in order to attain, achieve, and profit more. We divorced “the hustle” and no longer glorify being “busy.” We smile politely when others ask, “how do you do it all?” Our answer is simple: systems and automation.


    The Raising Influence Brand raises powerful and influential leaders by showcasing brave action, providing guidance, strategy, implementation, and incredible experiences through our events and coaching. Our mission is for you to make more money and have more impact by improving your virtual business relationships.

    We focus on community, collaboration and experience and our CEO, Jenna Carelli, is personally driven by education. Jenna is dedicated to providing her community with continuing educational material/curriculum and guidance to achieve an overall lifestyle improvement.


    The Raising Influence Academy is for heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to dedicate their lives to changing the way we do business. From chasing the next client, customer, hire, follower, or subscriber to building intimate relationships with clients and hires that are long-lasting. We invite you to a 7-Day Free Trial inside The Raising Influence Academy and:


    • Gain clarity surrounding what to focus on and how to empower and feel empowered within your business relationships.
    • Defeat overwhelm, stress and burn-out and no longer let it define who you are.
    • Run your business in alignment, with integrity, from a place of constant flow and abundance.
    • Have your business run for you so that you can schedule regular time for yourself, your family, and feel alive in every aspect of your life.


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