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Are you ready to

put fear of judgment and self-doubt aside,

decide to finally step into your zone of excellence

& make some income

+ impact

in a way that fits into your lifestyle and current season of life?!

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It is time to increase the value of your current clients

+ find more amazing clients so you can make a larger impact AND contribute to your family savings.

YEP. You are in the right place.

There will always be things pulling you down when you want to RISE. But the decision is yours to make – you are here, right now. So take a chance and push through those fears. We miss 100% of the chances that we don’t take.

I Bet…

You have a level of expertise or experience that is at minimum one notch ahead of your audience’s knowledge of the subject.

Although for some reason you feel as though you aren’t qualified enough or experienced enough (these are lies you tell yourself).

You may have started this journey with the expectation of growing rich fast, yet very quickly realized it takes more than an investment or initial action-step to grow a successful business, and now your heart is exploding with passion around helping people but you are stuck on your next logical step.

And you are begging that someone finally gives you a step that is streamlined, profitable & actually gives you back some of your free time!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if…

You could go to bed at night with peace of mind knowing that you are fully supported, fully-supporting your family, and doing so in a way that brings you happiness and joy.

You know who your ideal client is and you can determine with absolute certainty whether you are a good fit for someone. When your ideal client walks into your life, they always schedule a call with you – and you already know that you convert 70% or more of your calls into paying clients.

You wake up each morning ready to tackle your very small, but streamlined action list without being confused as to how to even start. These are the tasks that you know you need to do in order to move your business forward. These tasks are always profit-generating. No second-guessing necessary.

You welcome conversations, in-person and virtual, because you are so incredibly confident in how you show up and serve.

You know exactly what to charge. You always offer the most aligned option based on your pre-qualification process. Money is never an issue for you – to receive, spend or invest. You’ve identified your money-story and used it to thrive.

You have so much extra time and space on your calendar to fill with activities that light you up, like spending time with your family, attending events, going to the beach or pool, and simply resting.

Support, accountability, encouragement, and the right strategy is exactly what I needed in my business. I increased my prices, automated my on-boarding process, and in less than 30 days signed 17 new people at $1,697 each, for a total sales profit of $28,849!

Heather Andrews

Follow It Thru Publishing

Right Now

You are feeling all sorts of…

Uncertainty, scatter-brain moments, and quite frankly exhaustion around starting and growing a business.

You are aware that fear and pain is simply a fog that you need to move through in order to find success on the other side. But this is the biggest damn cloud of fog you’ve ever seen!

You keep hearing things like Passive Income and Automation and SEO and Pinterest and Blogging…and posting on Instagram and Facebook and spending more money over here on Ads. Yet, as a solo-entrepreneur (currently), it is nearly impossible to fit #allthethings into your already over-packed daily schedule.

And you are just ready for a mentor and community that understands…that feels like a safe and trusting space…and one that is filled with people who have been and still are in your shoes alignment! ahhhh…a breathe of fresh air

I’ve done #allthethings. In fact, this is a picture of me in the midst of that draining season. I know it all too well. I was working 60 hours a week at a Corporate job where I wasn’t seen or heard, I was growing a tiny human and feeling all the feels of becoming a first-time Mom, and frantically building a business on the side that HAD to work for me. I HAD to be home with my daughter when she was born. I was NOT going back to Corporate.

What I very quickly realized is that building a business from a place of scarcity (and to prove someone else wrong…that’s another story), overwhelm, and frustration was not healthy – for me, for my family, or for my clients. It drove me to resent the work that I once loved and the entrepreneurial path that I was trying so hard to sustain.

With 4 years experience under my belt, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients, successful executed hundreds of launches, and turned things around for each and every one of our clients – from feeling as though the World was caving in, overwhelmed, frustrated, and coming from a place of scarcity…to businesses that nearly tripled their revenue, landed incredible joint-partnerships, and are now thriving as a result of our coaching.

And in addition to experiencing the journey first-hand (twice):

  • I worked as a Corporate Paralegal for 6 years where my job was to cultivate new and mend unhappy relationships with customers.
  • I also have a minor in Psychology and extensive training in the Psychology of sales.
  • I have co-authored in a best-selling book and my chapter was on mastering the mindset necessary to be a 6-figure earner.
  • I have helped hundreds of women craft their messaging and successfully launch new products and services to market.
  • I am paid to speak on systems and automation across the U.S. at leadership retreats and entrepreneurial events of varying sizes.



what do i get?

The Raising Influence Academy is our signature membership program for online business owners looking to graduate from “hobby” status and say bye to the hustle and grind.

As a Gold member, you’ll receive access to our secrets for business-building, growing, and scaling. You’ll also be invited to join us on our weekly group coaching call and will receive ongoing support from our team of experts.  


You will have access to weekly live group training calls (replay available). Each week we meet as a group for in-depth trainings to answer and implement on your most burning questions and urgent business matters. This training will hold you accountable and provide you with varying perspectives that can act as market research and validation for your business growth.

Weekly Trainings take place at 1pm est. every Wednesday


Done-with-you implementation services. It’s not just about reviewing our curriculum, but applying what you learn. We’ll review your content, tech integrations, social media strategy, email sequencing, workflows, collaboration pitches, etc. We’ll help you create the most magnetic messaging across all of your delivery channels. We’ll connect you with our quality referrals to land you visibility deals.



You get immediate access to everything that you need at your fingertips via a resource library equipped with curriculum, video trainings, exercises, scripts, concepts to adapt, landing pages, launch strategy templates, etc. We update this resource library monthly. 

You receive access to the resource library for as long as you remain an active member.


While a huge benefit to group coaching is community, collaboration and partnerships opportunities, and varying perspectives, I also understand the value in 1:1 coaching. You will receive voxer access with Jenna (think walkie-talkie communication) and will have access to the Agency team for specialist perspectives on your personal business matters.

Weekly Voxer Check-in’s with Jenna & team


I cannot wait to introduce you to the other women in our community. Being surrounded by likeminded individuals who are all leveling up their life and business will help propel you forward and give you just the momentum push you need. It’s a rocket ship. One that values doing less, and earning + impacting more. 

We have an online Facebook Group + our Trello board


Remain a Gold member for 6 months and you’ll receive a free VIP ticket to a Raising Influence Live Event or mini workshop, where you’ll be recognized in front of 75+ entrepreneurs for your hard work and dedication

Any level membership will earn you discounted access as long as you are an active member at the time of our event or workshop. Our next Event takes place January 29-31st, 2021  in Tampa, Florida


I cannot express how valuable this investment was. Having a social media plan, a guide and posts scheduled have been lifesaving! I have been able to feel relaxed and focus on some other business ideas and programs.

Jodi Silverman

Jenna Carelli Consulting and team have the ability to assist entrepreneurs in clarifying their vision and build plans to market and execute a compelling strategy. Jenna and her team can provide the how to brainstorming, and getting clear on what you want to accomplish.

Rod Ezekiel

Ezekiel Learning Solutions

Jenna Carelli is flat out magical, attracting some of the coolest people I’ve met in a long time!

Daphne Taylor Street

Thanks to the confidence boost from the awesome Raising Influence workshops that Jenna hosted last weekend, I just applied to be the VP of the Women in Digital Orlando Chapter. Their chapter opens up in April and (fingers crossed!) I hope I get to be a part of it. Before last weekend I wouldn’t have felt confortable, but I did it! Wish me luck ladies and thanks again Jenna!

Amanda Wang


You clicked access and signed up…now what should you expect? Let me share the journey with you so that you know what’s ahead.

♥ You receive an immediate warm welcome and access to the material associated with your membership level. None of this waiting around for content to be delivered. I got you!

♥ During the first 7 days, you should scan the material and dive into anything that looks appealing to you. If you are unsure which material to consume first, create a post within our Online Facebook Community or send Jenna a private message (yes, you have access to her!) and we’ll be more than happy to help guide you.

♥ After the first 7-days, you’ll begin to gain clarity surrounding what you offer (and want to offer), create magnetic messaging and “virtual couch conversations” that easily sell your offer, raise your influence, master and embody your authentic self.

♥ You will start connecting on a deeper level with other likeminded entrepreneurs, form partnerships, collaborations, begin to act as guest experts in each-other’s programs, and become more visible as a result.

♥ You’ll attend Raising Influence Live and receive the credibility and shout-outs that you deserve. We strongly hope that you sign clients in the room and walk away from this weekend feeling empowered, re-charged, and ready to elevate even further.

♥ We don’t believe that you’ll ever want to end our time together, but if you were to end your membership,  we hope that you reach or are on track to hit six-figures in sales in your business.



Have a question before you enroll? Email or send us a message in Instagram @jennacarelli

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